Managing Depression

Depression feels differently to many people. For some, it’s a melancholic feeling, for others they become irritable and edgy. And for yet others, they feel empty inside. Whatever you feel when you’re depressed, it is worth identifying that emotion in order to address and manage it. Often, it is difficult to admit we feel depressed. When asked how we feel, or if we are okay, it is simply easier to reply that we feel tired, run down, or any number of words that we substitute for depression. Some people find it easier to say they feel down, blue, or overly irritated, rather than admit they feel depressed. Unfortunately this stems from the stigma of depression. In our society, we are told we should buck up and just get over it. Medically, though, we have come to know that depression is an illness just like hypertension or diabetes. That means it is chronic, has organic and environmental causes, and can be treated. While medications and therapy are integral to treatment, what is often left out is that we can also take day-to-day steps to help ourselves. This means being mindful of how we feel, rather than ignoring our feelings, and doing the small things we know will make us feel better. This can be taking a walk outside, going out for a cup of coffee rather than making it at home, cleaning up around the house, or making a phone call to a good friend. Only you know what will make you feel better, so go out and do it today! And of course, let me know how things go for you!

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