The Casey Anthony Trial

Another high profile case in the news this week! This week finally started the murder trial for Casey Anthony, accused of killing her baby daughter Caylee. The strange thing about this case is that Casey Anthony did not report her daughter missing for over a month! She was then found a mile away from the home six months later. From this article about the trial this week, it sounds like both the defense and prosecution are making accusations of murder, but the question is who did it? All I know is something seems fishy, and the allegations of sexual abuse/molestation by Casey’s father George (the baby’s grandfather) are new and unclear what part they will play in the trial. Although this may or may not be technically mental health related, it is again an interesting case and one I will continue to follow in the news–anyone else?

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One Comment on “The Casey Anthony Trial”

  1. Christie Says:

    There are definitely some very fishy aspects to this story… If I don’t see my daughter in a store for 30 seconds I panic, let alone 31 days… Sadly, there are stories of mothers killing their children or doing some activity that leads to their death in the news every other day, but I wonder what makes them tick… There are so many options to “free” oneself of a child- why kill them? Newborn babies in the trash makes no sense when fire stations all over the city are “safe surrender” sites- no questions asked! Toddler and other children that are more conspicuous could be left with grandparents or other relatives, why drown them in a bath tub?? The psyche of these sociopaths is so beyond my understanding…

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