Happy Memorial Day!

This is a day that I get off of work every year, but not one I’ve necessarily appreciated in the past. Now that I work at a VA Hospital (Veteran’s Administration), I am learning what the holiday is actually about and what it means to veterans themselves. This holiday over the years has taken on meaning for many who visit cemeteries and memorials to commemorate those who have sacrificed for our country, and I believe it has created a great sense of nationalism in that way.

On a related note, because I’m kind of a tech junkie, I also wanted to highlight the new iphone app for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) that came out last month for veterans and their families. I have not heard from anyone who has used this app, but I would love to see how it works for people! It helps monitor symptoms for patients, allows families to understand what veterans are going through, and can direct patients directly to a source of help in times of crisis. Anyone tried this yet? I am glad to hear that the Department of Defense and Veteran’s Administration are keeping up with social media outlets to reach more veterans!

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One Comment on “Happy Memorial Day!”

  1. Koky, I like your note, I enjoyed reading it.

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