Casey Anthony–O.J. Simpson Reincarnated

Interesting verdict today, that Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murder of her baby daughter Caylee. Reading the article, which summarizes most of the case for the past three years, reads like a bad soap opera. Or a circus. The outrage that is being expressed by so many in the comments sections indicates that most people thought she was guilty.

First, I think the story is awful and sad. It’s sad for Caylee, Casey, and the rest of the family. I also think, regardless of whether Casey is guilty or not, and I do have to say I have my (very small) doubts about whether this was murder or accidental, what matters is that for our justice system to work, some guilty have to be found innocent sometimes in order not to over-prosecute the innocent. That’s the only thing that really justifies the verdict in this case. Finally, if we learned nothing else from O.J. Simpson, it’s that some people don’t change and their troubles eventually catch up with them. Hopefully, though, it won’t be at the expense of another life.

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2 Comments on “Casey Anthony–O.J. Simpson Reincarnated”

  1. Akire Says:

    While I do not think she was innocent, the jury made the current verdict. Too much of what the prosecution delivered was circumstantial and not adequate to erase all reasonable doubt. Tragic? Absolutely; however it was, ultimately, the choice that was most in line with the law. I am beyond pleased and relieved that, in the midst of this media circus and familial soap opera, they were able to be objective.

  2. Akire Says:

    *correct verdict

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