Amy Winehouse, A Picture of Addiction

I find it sad to be interested in this sort of news, but it’s kind of hard to ignore. This weekend Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment. And while the cause of death is still yet to be determined, it likely has something to do with her history of battling drug and alcohol use. Sadly her career seemed to peak a few years ago and she’s mostly been in the media for the chaos surrounding her life.

Although it’s sad, perhaps sometimes it’s better for someone who is having a hard time like this to die young. Perhaps the rest of her life would have been miserable. For me this is the only way to have it make any sense. We forget sometimes that addiction, like some chronic illnesses, can be terminal; hopefully Amy Winehouse is finally at peace.

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One Comment on “Amy Winehouse, A Picture of Addiction”

  1. Jayne Says:

    I like your assessment…totally agree. Again the general public fails to recognise that addiction is a disease, and that it can kill you. But I just read your take on Dr. Kevorkian and I have to disagree. Just because he was a pathologist doesn’t discredit his ability to interact with patients…on the contrary perhaps it may give him more sympathy than a psychiatrist that sees mental illnesses on a routine basis. Psychiatrists tend to prescribe medication to solve behavioral problems precisely because they have been trained to do so. They are also heavily detailed by pharmaceutical reps. I do think psychotherapy should be tried initially whenever possible…keep big pharma out of the mix. Have you blogged about this topic?

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