Insomnia and Blogging

I have always been a heavy sleeper, or in more technical terms, a “long” sleeper, that is I do best with 9-10 hours per night, when most people need 7-8 on average. I like to think of myself as on the upper end of a bell curve of sleepers, snuggled in at a standard deviation or two out. Anyway I can sleep at the drop of a hat, with coffee and a nap in the middle of the day. I once fell asleep at a concert at Schubas in Chicago–I can’t remember the band but I did buy a shirt that night. That I still sleep in sometimes. Once in a while, though, I get into these (thankfully short-lived) periods where I have trouble falling and staying asleep, or in more technical terms “early” and “middle” insomnia. At work, most patients I see struggle with sleep issues so much they are more than willing to try anything to go to sleep. So I write prescriptions. Sometimes they work but not always. It’s hard for people to accept that their sleep may never be perfect. For them, I have sympathy on nights like this. But for me, it just means I’m a little more productive with my reading. Or my blogging. For those still up reading tonight, I wish you good luck. I’m going to sleep.

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