Zumba Part II: I Have No Rhythm

But I don’t really care. I returned for a class this morning with my sister, and to be honest if it weren’t for her, I’m not sure I would have woken up on time for it. It’s always better to have a workout partner who can hold you accountable! Anyway I went back today, and it was just as fun as last week. I did realize though, that for being Middle Eastern (meaning belly-dancing and shaking it should be in my genes), I really can’t dance. I think I’ve always known this, from the time I took tap dance and jazz as a kid, and had trouble then too. I have also realized over the years, when friends say they want to go dancing (!), my enthusiasm always wanes. I used to think it was laziness, maybe, but I also think I’ve never felt comfortable because my rhythm lacks. The zumba class is different though–you mess up and no one notices, because everyone is really focused on themselves. Hopefully this is a trend that sticks for me, and maybe I’ll pick up a couple of moves for when I go out with friends.

In the meantime, I’ll have some blog posts coming up soon on more “psychiatric” topics! See you shortly!

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One Comment on “Zumba Part II: I Have No Rhythm”

  1. So happy you made it again…maybe the next article could be about the mental health benefits of exercise.

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