Everyone Needs Help Sometimes

The title of this post is something that’s often said to people who are having a hard time accepting help. Of course this statement is easier said than done. It is difficult for people, in particular independent people, to even acknowledge that they need help with something, let alone ask for it. I see this in the hospital at work with sick patients all the time, but it also happens in our day to day lives. Personal example: I recently hired a personal trainer. For me to outsource a task that in the past I have managed myself, was very difficult. I wondered why I wasn’t strong enough to address my health on my own. Well, whatever the answer to that question is, the more important issue at hand is that I get healthy one way or another. Hence, the trainer.

In any case, asking for help doesn’t make someone weak; truly I think it makes them strong. For someone to humble themselves enough to say “I need help–will you help me?” means that person is able to put aside their pride in order to meet a need. I don’t feel that I am incompetent because I need an expert’s help. I am good at what I do, and others are good at their job. And in cases of asking for a friend or family member’s help, I think it’s always important to remember that if the situation were reversed, you would be happy to do the same.

Just some food for thought–happy mental health!

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