Group Everything Is Better

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks. I have been busy with work, and also busy with taking care of myself. I started back up in the gym, and yesterday ran a 5K with a friend of mine. Training for even 3.1 miles is hard when you haven’t run in a few months! Luckily I had been working out so it wasn’t too bad.

Tonight I wanted to bring up the topic of relying on groups for motivation to do what you want, partially because that’s what I have been doing recently. There is a reason that AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and Weight Watchers work for people. There is evidence that group programs such as these are some of the most effective ways to stay sober and lose weight (respectively of course!). Working in groups is useful for a number of reasons, including being held accountable by others, feeling responsibility for others’ progress, and seeing other people’s progress as an inspiration for yourself. It is helpful for people to get advice from those who have been in their shoes, in order to overcome the obstacles that come with any journey of self-change.

Lately I have been trying to work with others (such as running with friends) in order to accomplish some of my own goals. Having someone else doing the same thing as me keeps me motivated to keep up my progress, which is not easy when I am by myself.

I would encourage that anyone out there who wants to improve themselves in any way–whether it is recovery from mental illness, beating an addiction such as smoking, or wanting to get in better shape–to consider trying it out with other people. You might be surprised at how much more you can accomplish!

Happy mental health! Next post will be much more timely than this one!

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